Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just 1/3 of the winter left

Really, just over one more month of winter left, what with April pretty much being Break-up. I still let April qualify as winter since last year we got around two feet of snow on the 25th. Heh! The fun things are about to start happening, though, and that tends to make the time fly. Fur Rondy starts this coming weekend and then the Iditarod the weekend after that. My aunt is coming up to visit for both events, and we're going dog sledding up in Denali National Park next weekend. I'll be bringing at least one of my cameras and will hopefully get some great pictures of that to post.

In the meantime, we had two beautiful, sunny days this weekend. It wasn't too cold, teens and low 20s, so that was a nice change getting sunny days without the bitter cold. The roads have dried up from some too warm days. That combined with nicer weather had everyone out at the car washes in droves to knock some of the crud off their vehicles. It took two washes to get my truck all the way clean. The sun's not setting until after 6 pm now which is the real sign that winter is on it's way out. I'm happy to have another month of winter before stupid Break-up kicks in. And Spring used to be my favorite time of the year. Well, back before it meant tons of ice, mud and disgusting dogs to clean up every time they came inside. Twice as many dogs this year, too. :( At least they're trained to potty in the yard instead of needing to walk down the wet, grimy streets to the park every time. That should help.

Speaking of the dogs, I took some pictures of them being crazy and having a good time at the park on Saturday. Click to view them larger. Click here to view them all.

Speed demon

My, what vicious teeth you have!

Hover dogs!

Buck taking a break. Scout wears him out. LOL!