Saturday, January 24, 2009


I felt my first earthquake this morning! I know there have been others when I've been up here, but never noticed them. Today there was one about 160 miles down the water near Homer that was a 6.1, so we definitely felt that here. My bed was shaking as well as my closet doors (the kind that slide and have mirrors on them). The combination of those two things woke me up. The dogs didn't act weird or doing anything but stare at the closet doors moving (which was all that I did). I'd say I felt it for about 20-25 seconds, but I guess it could have been happening before that and it just took that long for me to wake up. Heh!

Anyway, I'll be interested to see how that effects the snow on the mountains- if it was strong enough to shake loose any avalanches or if it makes the snow less sound or what.

More info from the USGS on the earthquake here:


Anonymous said...

Whoa! How awesome is that...what a way to update your blog. We probably won't even hear anything about it here in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Auburn tiger
when we had a earthquake in the land of BAD governers (Illinois)
I thought someone was ransacking our house